Ammardan's Rusty (ABCA)


Date of Birth: June 7, 1999 | Color: Red (chocolate) and white | Weight: 50 pounds | Coat: Rough/Medium
OFA Hips: Good (BCO-4307G36M-PI) | Eyes: CEA Tested Normal
AKC Registered: DL81770301
Sire: Sweep (ABCA 102299) Dam: Rickie (ABCA 114443)
Breeder: Max & Pam McClure | Owner: Danielle Nash AMMARDAN

Where do we even start with Rusty? He's super loving and loyal, and was such an amazing foundation dog for us. For being a plain ol' farm bred boy he turned out to be such a wonderful dog and and a huge influence on the dogs I have today! Even though he did not enjoy being in the show ring, he's still an absolute stunner and produced several AKC conformation champions for us. Along with that he also has had offspring in the agility ring along with exceptional companions! Please enjoy his few photos below, we lost many of our old photos of him when an old hard drive crashed.

Rusty's OFA hips

Deceased: June 7, 1999 - January 26, 2015

Ammardan's Rusty

ABCA 152778, Red/white, OFA Good, CEA Normal

Sweep (ABCA 102299)

Red/white, OFA Fair

Buckeye (ABCA 52114)

Woodland's Luke (AIBC 80075)

Button (AIBC 102255)

Cocoa (ABCA 88094

Bouncer (AIBC 54510)

Molly (ABCA 52560)

Rickie (ABCA 114443)


Ned (ABCA 32928)

Bo (ABCA 27463)

Little Bit (ABCA 26785)

Lady Olivia (ABCA 78932)

Lad (AIBC 84549)

Meg (ABCA 16332)